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October First ICA Free For All featuring performances w/ Teena Geist & Littler: nail art, temporary tattoos + radness


"Join ICA and Philadelphia's own experimental drag darling Teena Geist for an evening of conceptual camp, instant ephemeral pleasures, and art salon makeovers. Listen to the fast-paced punk rock stylings of all lady band Littler, design your own nail art, enjoy savory delights, and walk away with a new, exhibition-themed temporary tattoo.

The galleries will be open late (until 9pm) and docents will be on hand to answer all your burning questions. Drop in or stay late! This program is FREE and is organized by Spiegel-Wilks Curatorial Fellow Egina Manachova.

More info:"

October's super rad Free For All curated event at the Institute of Contemporary Arts will feature the amazing Teena Geist and newish Philly band, Littler (formerly Calamity Jane), who play their rock 'n' roll with punk abandon and count Madeline Meyer (Le Sigh), Ivy Gray-Klein (FUCS and more), Robyn Campbell (Semiperfect zine), and Dan Colanduno (Slow Animal) as band mates. The band recently opened for Pink Wash, PC Worship, and Naomi Punk at Golden Tea House in Philly. Local illustrator Hawk Krall created the super fun poster for the event, which promises to be both a delightful AND engaging time that includes live entertainment, nail art, and, free temporary tattoos. Sounds amazing - count us in!

Listen to Littler's single from their forthcoming new EP below: 

Littler - facebook

Veronica Falls: Waiting For Something to Happen (Slumberland)

THURSDAY, MARCH 7TH, 2013 (Tonight!)
Veronica Falls w/ Cold Showers and Juan Waters
@ Johnny Brenda's (1201 N. Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia PA)
21+ $13 Doors 8 p.m. - Show 9 p.m.

DON'T MISS IT: Veronica Falls is slated to headline Johnny Brenda's tonight with Cold Showers, and Juan Waters!  

"Simply superb second album from London's finest export. At once more immediate and deeper than their excellent debut album, Veronica Falls have created a pop album full of rich melodies, shimmering guitars and perfectly harmonized vocals, all wrapped around a baker's dozen of the best pop tunes you're likely to hear this year, or next. A complete triumph." (Slumberland Records)

What more can we say?  The band is definitely coming into their own, and showing that they have a lot more to create for fans of their lush sound.  When we first heard the London (UK) band's new album "Waiting For Something To Happen", we thought the whole group sounded calmer, and just really....confident, in all of the songs here.  

Highlights of the album include the simplistic lyrics of "Tell Me", the perfect pop and harmonies of "My Heart Beats" (both of which will stick in your head long after their opening notes) the dark lyrics of "If You Still Want Me" and "Buried Alive" (the latter, truthfully kind of freaking us out), and there's something undeniably sweet and young in the tracks "Teenage" and "Shooting Star".  If you take a listen, there is a lot to still love and fall in love with (again) on Veronica Falls' latest album.  Our advice is to not wait; go see them play tonight, "You could lead the way..." (Shooting Star, VF)


Veronica Falls, Waiting For Something To Happen
Slumberland Records, 2013

01. Tell Me
02. Teenage
03. Broken Toy
04. Shooting Star
05. Waiting For Something To Happen
06. If You Still Want Me
07. My Heart Beats
08. Everybody's Changing
09. Buried Alive
10. Falling Out
11. So Tired
12. Daniel
13. Last Conversation 

To read more about the band, we've included a link to a past interview that we did with them for their debut:

Upcoming Dates, March 2013:

7 – Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA (Tickets) *
8 – Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY (Tickets) *
9 – Great Scott, Boston, MA  (Tickets) *
10 – Divan Orange, Montreal (Tickets) *
12 – The Garrison, Toronto, ON  (Tickets) *
13 – Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH (Tickets) *
14 – Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL (Tickets) *
15 – High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI  (Tickets) *
16 – 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN *
18 – Hi-Dive, Denver, CO (Tickets)
21 – Tractor, Seattle, WA (Tickets) #
22 – Media Club, Vancouver, BC (Tickets) (w/Brilliant Colors)
23 – Doug Fir, Portland, OR  (Tickets) #
26 – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA (Tickets) #
29 – The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA  (Tickets) #
30 – Casbah, San Diego, CA (Tickets) #

* w/ Cold Showers
# w/ Brilliant Colors and Golden Grrrls

Veronica Falls - band site / slumberland

Sugar Town's 10th Anniversary! Saturday January 29th, 2011 - Thirteen Tribute Bands, One Night Only!

Poster art by Maria T. Sciarrino.

It was an early-January in 2008 (just like this one) when we first spoke to Sara Sherr about her monthly music night, "Sugar Town"--a night that celebrates women young and old who are artists and musicians. Back then it was Sugar Town's 7th Anniversary, and now; only a few years later, Philadelphia's favorite monthly is turning '10' and Sherr's fans and friends couldn't be happier for her, or for that matter, more eager to jump in and become a part of the grand event!

The 10th Anniversary of Sugar Town is set to be a huge tribute night with (of course) the focus on the feminine, and will feature tributes to well-known groups such as Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, The B-52's, The Pandoras, and Garbage as well as others--and with the rapid set time coming in at about a rockin' fifteen minutes per group it's going to be a super-charged evening out! Girl About Town couldn't resist getting involved with the special tribute and making an homage to our own faves: The Go-Go's (along with help from Sugar Town alum Maria T. Sciarrino, and a group of great friends). Other local groups partaking in the event include KeN, The Tulanes, Girls Dressed As Girls, Betty Iron Thumbs, Dear Althea, and more…! 

"...I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do a night like Sugar Town in Philadelphia and continue to get so much respect and support. I can't play an instrument or sing beyond a karaoke night so I sort of live vicariously through all these women when they perform. I'll never get tired of seeing a woman bashing away on a set of drums or shredding on guitar." - Sara Sherr (January, 2008)

Sherr, who is something of a fabulously dressed and coiffed legend as well as being a heavy supporter when it comes to local music on the scene, has been booking music for well over 10 years now, as well as co-founding Plain Parade with good friend Maria T. Sciarrino back in the day. As for her other highlights which include completely rocking Philadelphia with her Sing Your Life karaoke series nights; she is also a writer for Philadelphia Daily News. It is fitting that Sciarrino helped to create the eye-popping posters and images for this year's fête as a special gift for Sara as well!

We were able to take a few moments and had Sara write down a few of her top memories for us (you will want to read Pat Rapa's Critical Mass article in this week's City Paper as well, which features Sara/Sugar Town).

Here you will find the list of just a few of Sara's Sugar Town top moments (below), and we're happy to see that she has one of our own favorite moments at number five, as well:

1. The Yeah Yeah Yeah's in 2002 at the Balcony
It was their second or maybe third show in Philadelphia and we got very lucky, timing-wise because the next time they played here, it was at the Trocadero.

2. Mirah at the Balcony
I believe she was playing solo and acoustic and the crowd was so chatty that she asked everyone to come sit on stage with her.

3. Collaborations with Fuse
For a couple of years, there was a queer dance party for women called Fuse that was at Sal's and XOXO. We did a couple of shows together at Tritone in 2007: Bitch and Lesbians on Ecstasy. The crowd was so enthusiastic and a reminder that so many lesbian and bi women are always looking to see other women like themselves onstage and have few options like that in the traditional Gayborhood scene. I am always on the lookout for more queer acts.

4. Underage Performers
It's a challenge to book them since Tritone is very strict about having a parent present the entire time they are in the club. But I'm always glad when I do it. It's really amazing to witness talented young women so early in their careers: Attia Taylor (a Girls Rock Philly camper and counselor), Gina Gleason (who plays in Misstallica, Queen Diamond, and two other bands), and the women of Post Post, who are sadly on hiatus now.

5. The Friggs and Baby Flamehead
These were bands that I idolized when I was young and first going out to shows so I was honored to bring them to Sugar Town and reintroduce them to younger crowds.

Girl About Town: What would you like to accomplish with future Sugar Town events?

Sara Sherr: I'd like to inspire more women to pick up instruments, which I think the tribute show did. I would like to find a way to do an all ages show once in a while. The reason that I don't is mainly about money and logistics. Tritone lets me use the space for free and I only have to pay for a soundman. I always want to add other components to the
evening, like more DJ's or writers.

And lastly, we asked Sara what she's learned from any of this--from ALL of this: "That good will is the strongest currency of all," was her response. Well spoken, and we heartily agree.

**Don't miss this one of a kind event: The 10th Anniversary of Sugar Town is happening this Saturday, January 29th, at Tritone in Philadelphia, PA. Tritone is located at 1508 South Street. The night begins at 6 p.m. with DJs and dancing, with the bands kicking into high gear at 7 p.m. This is a 21+ show, with cover being a token $7.00. We hope to see you there!**

Sugar Town - Read about the event on Facebook
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Happy 8th Anniversary for Tric Town! @ MOJO 13: Saturday April 17, 2010


Our good friend Andrew Miller wrote to remind us of a very special date coming up this Saturday (tomorrow, April 17th, 2010): Mojo 13's Tric Town is turning 8 years old! To celebrate, Miller and Casey Grabowski (who started the cool monthly) will be holding the very special bash at it's usual beloved spot (Mojo 13) in Wilmington, Delaware. There will be free popcorn and hot dogs, we've been told, and the duo has special guests performing as well! You can expect to hear music from favorite groups like Caterpillar, My Friends, The Chimeras and New Sweden.

Miller (a great booking agent in his own right), has a special spot in his heart for the monthly, and had the following to say, "Tomorrow is the 8th Anniversary of Tric Town.  This event, started by the great Casey Grabowski, has helped me make a career out of hanging out listening to music.  Which is pretty awesome when you think about it...."

And we just have this to add: whether you live in Delaware and have never been to a Tric Town night, or whether you live in Philadelphia and have been to all of them--we hope that you'll make a special stop in or drive out to see the bands and have fun at this very special event after all of your Record Store Day shopping is done!

Mojo 13 - web site