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LABRADOR RECORDS: Summer Compilation (Download + Share) Mary Onettes, Club 8, Johan Hedberg & more....


As tomorrow is Midsummer celebration in Sweden, this makes tonight Midsummer's Eve, and in celebration Labrador Records has offered up this lovely compilation as a thanks to their fans for supporting the label over time.  Tradition stands that Midsummer is a time for healing, finding your significant other in dreams, and for gathering to celebrate the weather, nature, and eachother.  Here is more on this mysterious and lovely holiday based in the Netherlands:

Soundcloud (stream):

or Download ZIP:

1. The Mary Onettes "Hit the waves"
2. Club 8 "I'm not gonna grow old"
3. Pallers "Come rain, come sunshine"
4. Acid House Kings "Under water "
5. Amanda Mair "Skinnarviksberget"
6. Club 8 "Hot sun"
7. Johan Hedberg "Nackamasterna"
8. The Mary Onettes "Evil Coast"
9. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names "Rent a wreck"
10. Sambassadeur "Kate"
11. Pelle Carlberg "Go to hell, miss Rydell"
12. Irene "Little things (that tear us apart)"

THANKS LABRADOR! Happy Midsummer!

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