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Spill! Pete Milos of Galvanize

Underground Arts Feb 22

Pete Milos is the creative voice and performer behind local Philadelphia project Galvanize.  Pete can say it best in his own words, however, "Galvanize is a Philadelphia based Deep-Psychedelic-DanceRocktronica amalgamation. One person, one laptop, one guitar, one synth, WHY? BECAUSE YES!!!!!".  This local project crosses several genres as well as performance aspects, which is why we found it so interesting.  We spoke with Pete a little bit about his inspiration and what lies behind the music that he creates.  Galvanize will open this special electronica Underground Arts show tonight, Friday, February 22nd, which features a cross of several different mixed-media styles including the very mysterious headliners, Watch The Duck, a poppier opener in Philadelphia local, Crozet, as well as a feature DJ set by DJ Les Professionels

If you haven't made it to Underground Arts yet and are looking for an interesting way to spend the evening supporting new local endeavours, here is your opportunity. Underground Arts is located in Philadelphia on 1200 Callowhill Street, doors are at 8pm, and the show is 21+. Find the event listing on Facebook by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/events/265771166887536/

"UNDERGROUND ARTS ELECTRONICA: on tour from Atlanta, when it comes to Watch the Duck, the dance floor IS the VIP area! Come celebrate a musical revolution with three acts mixing live instrumentation with electronic music styles ranging from dubstep and house to drum and bass and chillwave. Concert is 21+ and costs $8.00.

- Watch the Duck (dubstep, soul, RnB - genre defying)
- Crozet (chillwave, lo-fi, electronic, synth pop)
- Galvanize (electronic dance/psychedelic blues)
- Les Professionnels (DJ set - moon music)"

Girl About Town: If your music was the soundtrack of a movie; what type of film or which film would it be?

Pete Milos of Galvanize: My music would be on the soundtrack of a documentary analyzing the intersections between racism, sexism, classism and media mass manipulation.


Do you think that fashion plays a role in the type of music that you create?

Fashion does not play a role in the type of music I create. Since music is now consumed so remotely through the internet, the genre of electro-psychedelic-blues does exist in a physical place-community from which a unique fashion sense can emerge. However, it is still early days!

Tell us about the hardest song that you've written and how it turned out.

The hardest song I ever wrote was called "Butterfly", which is fitting because its life seemed to resemble the life cycle of that insect! I crawled around with an idea, dragged it through shit and for some reason refused to give it up, then I entered into a hermitage, somewhat like a cocoon, and it came to fruition and bloomed like a butterfly. I like it a lot but no one has heard it before.

What defines a great live performance for you?

A great live performance for me can be summed up by exactly how my last show was: I go on right after a beautiful drag queen, I am in the zone musically, there is a three hundred person crowd of every color, creed, age, and sexuality, and there is a time traveling wizard hosting a tea party directly at the foot of the stage (not even kidding!).

How long have you been playing for and do you have future plans for Galvanize?

I have been playing guitar for the past 10 years and my plan for Galvanize is to make it self-sustainable so that I don't have to engage in the parts of samsara that I don't like. My six month plan is to lock down my next EP and complete a tour of the USA.

Have you collaborated with other artists, and/or do you hope to collaborate with anyone in the future?

I have been collaborating with a group of dancers who choreographed a dance and projections to my set. They are amazing! I would love to continue doing things like this - mixing all the arts into a multimodal and participatory art experience.

Your music spans a few very different genres: how do they tie together for you (psychedelia, blues, electronic) and what makes them work? 

To me, the genres are just momentary labels that point to something that simply just happened. The elements of the music - guitar, synthetic beats, vocals, and synths - were the tools at my disposal when I was trying to play something fun and the songs project all the things that have influenced me over the years. The electro and blues are what make the music danceable and the psychedelia signifies the improvisation aspect in the live show.

What is your favorite thing about Philadelphia?

My favorite thing about Philadelphia is that it is a futuristic urban dystopia with an underground contingent of radical, beautiful, amazing artists and lovers. I have truly fallen in love with this city!

Galvanize - soundcloud / facebook


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Watch the Duck is awesome!! They're not so mysterious. They describe their sound as "soul dubstep". Lots of different influences but its really cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qSdpq5X8sg

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