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Seapony - Falling (New Seapony LP drops September 11th on Hardly Art)


Not to go all Seapony-crazy lately, but....well, why not?  We're absolutely head-over-heels with the Seattle-based group who just performed a spate of dates here on the East Coast.  Seapony will be back again in late Summer for previews of tracks from their forthcoming album "Falling" that the group will be sure to play more of, live.  Following album release news, their label Hardly Art released the first single from the LP just today.  "What You Wanted" is an upbeat, fuzz-toned, bright and melodious pop number that sets the stage for their forthcoming full-length.  Weidl's light and breathy vocals are already sounding more forward in the mix, and Danny Rowland's perfectly pop-coiffed jangle-guitar has the strength and agility of their live set.  The new album was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studios (a subsidiary of K Records, where groups such as Beat Happening, Nation of Ulysses, Calvin Johnson, Mirah, and so many others first made their mark) which in more recent years has become open to artists outside of the label wanting to record in the legendary studio based out of Olympia, Washington.  We've included a full track listing of the new album so you can mark YOUR favorite new songs when you hear them live this summer! 

September 11, 2012

01. Outside 
02. Tell Me So 
03. What You Wanted [mp3]
04. Follow
05. Be Alone
06. No One Will
07. Never Be
08. Sunlight
09. Prove to Me
10. Fall Apart
11. See Me Cry
12. Nothing Left

Seapony - band site / hardly art


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