True by Violens (Slumberland Records)
Seapony - Falling (New Seapony LP drops September 11th on Hardly Art)

A short video interlude featuring Seapony's Jen Weidl

May 18, 2012 - Girl About Town speaks with vocalist and guitarist Jen Weidl of Seattle-based band Seapony outside of the Brooklyn, NY venue Littlefield. Jen discusses making music in Seattle, the addition of a new drummer, as well as upcoming plans for the band's new album (out this coming September on Hardly Art Recordings).

Credits: Seapony (the track "Sailing," for Hardly Art Recordings), and also "Prove To Me" (performed by Seapony live at the venue Littlefield, on Friday, May 18th, in Brooklyn, NY). Edited footage for "Prove To Me" originally posted by user edsonjh79 on Original Jen Weidl interview shot and cut by Tear-n Tan (, with video editing by C. Marcoux for Girl About Town with assistance from Darren O'Toole.


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