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True by Violens (Slumberland Records)

Violens' music is quite beautiful, and romantic, with layer upon layer of vocal harmony and melody. There is so much idea here, that it makes it all the more surprising to hear the album end. These compositions seem to have an almost 'evil' grandeur in mind, their music; a largesse, something you might expect to hear in the background of a moody Sofia Coppola scene, or in the framing of a scene significant in characterising teenage longing, or a heart swelling. The music is delicate, and the songs are indelible; as a memory would be, which is why you expect the songs to keep coming long after the album's soft finish. You forget that it is not your dream, but theirs. 

This Brooklyn-based trio have been making music since 2007. Having previously released a debut, named "Amoral", the band have had much time to develop on all of their ideas to come into the space they are in now. With that in mind, this is an album that requires some room to breath. It is a loud, and soft listener, with tracks like "Every Melting Degree" and "Lavender Forces" that practically bang away at your senses with vocals, guitars and drums crashing like waves over eachother at every turn. Unescapable and ferocious as this sounds, in the same way as a dream, the wave of sound and image can turn quickly: and so do the songs on "True". One of our softer favorites is actually album closer, "So Hard To See", with its pitched and layered vocals that lay lightly on top of the synth and splashy pop rhythm that is the soul of the song itself. The songs come and go as they please, making this latest LP, a truly interesting album. 

Violens newest album "True" (Slumberland Records) was officially released this week and coincided with the band's completion of their East Coast tour dates, and a finale in NYC. They will be hitting the West Coast at the end of May/beginning of June, as well as specific dates in Canada and beyond.

"True" by Violens - Track Listing:
01/ Totally True
02/ Der Microarc
03/ When To Let Go
04/ Sariza Spring
05/ Every Melting Degree
06/ Lavender Forces
07/ Unfolding Black Wings
08/ All Night Low
09/ Watch The Streams
10/ Lucent Caries
11/ Through The Window
12/ So Hard To See 

Violens - band site / slumberland records


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