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Intermission: Pains of Being Pure At Heart (new single) & Errors (year end, baby)


"Heart In Your Heartbreak", the new single by Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, is set to be released by Slumberland Records on December 14th, 2010 and will feature the title-track as well as the quieter B-side, titled "The One". Although some reviewers are stuck on calling their track "Heart In Your Heatbreak" a cross between The Smashing Pumpkins and Belle & Sebastian, we still prefer the less obsequious 'dream pop' moniker (in the vein of someone like Teenage Fanclub or even Kitchens of Distinction) because of its more specific connotations to their allover sound. The hushed vocals and softer melodies of Pains are mostly awash in their trademark fuzzed out guitar tones, with the heavier handed and sharp guitar notes of 'Heartbreak' but "The One" is back to the full-on 'dreaminess' with their heads right back in the clouds; soaring with sweet sentiment and the promise that out of dreaminess come the promises of tomorrow always (hopefully) being a better day. Regardless of any comparisons though, we'll take it! The band's second album for Slumberland is due out in March 2011.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart "The One" by Slumberland Records

Pains of Being Pure of Heart - slumberland recs / myspace

Glasgow, Scotland's Errors have it made on the NME best list this year. The group's last release was a solid remix EP featuring bands like Mogwai, and Gold Panda. Their last video, "A Rumour In Africa" is a pumped up electro track; although, we can't possibly go through watching it one more time (even though we love the track: the video of a man controlling puppet women--a kind of bleakly pictured robert palmer wannabe, frankly creeped us out). Earlier this year they released "Come Down With Me" and in the past they've worked with Mogwai's John Cummings, remixed Twilight Sad's track "Reflections of the Television" to great fanfare as well as touring with Underworld.  

Errors - band site / myspace


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