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Girl About Town's Wedding Present Weekend!

Photos of Gedge/WP by Val Topoleski, North Star Bar, 2008.

Bizarro. It's a full-on Wedding Present Weekend! Yeah! The group hit several East Coast venues throughout this week and into the weekend surrounding their tour this month for US and Canada. The band played Washington DC on Thursday this week, and now the group will begin the weekend with a date at a sold-out gig at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ on Saturday, April 10th. It's on to Bowery Ballroom on April 11th, and then to Boston on the 12th and out to Toronto, Ontario's Horseshoe Tavern on the 14th... For more, click here.

If you're not familiar with The Wedding Present; we like to think of their sound as something akin to guitar joy....a wash of frenetic, fast and jangle-y guitar notes that are punctuated by the deep--and nearly strangled--punk-y lead vocals of head honcho and guitarist, David Gedge (also known affectionately as 'the Gedge'). You just can't: just can't think of a Wedding Present show without all of the jumping and dancing up and down; Gedge's character showing while he paces the stage strumming blindingly fast as he shouts lyrics, or the band playing all in triumphant time throughout each song. We're making it sound dreamy; but, trust us when we say that you cannot walk away from a Wedding Present show without having a fun time!

Similar to the feeling at a wedding where you get to see all of your great, older now, friends from the past (well, if it's a good wedding, anyway, right?) we hope to talk to some of their fans from over the years and post some responses here. The Wedding Present have a vast discography with a timeless quality, and use this to call on material to give their music back to their fans. Remember: in 2007, the group toured and played their debut album "George Best" in full for its 20th anniversary? And now, it may be under a year late: but, this is the year that we are excited to be seeing the Wedding Present's 1989 release "Bizarro" live for its 21st year (since release, played in full)! 

More: through their label Scopitones, the group have recently released a back catalogue CD double-album of early-zine only live cassette releases, and live recordings by year. So far 'Live 1987' and 'Live 1988' are each available ("Live 1988" was released just this past March 2010).

All we can say is that this is going to be a great weekend for East Coast fans: new and old. So, what distance will YOU travel to see a band that will make you smile from ear to ear all evening long....well, we already know we'll go far!

The Wedding Present - band site / myspace   


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