Spill! with Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls
You CAN have what you want: Congratulations to SubPop who just announced to signing that lovely group Papercuts!

SLGTMs Fred Thomas and Ryan Howard's City Center plays live tonight at Danger Danger Gallery - 3/30/10


If you're looking to get in good spirits about the impending Spring that keeps disappearing from us, you can catch some real sunshine in the live music department tonight at Danger Danger Gallery where new duo City Center is playing. City Center is one part Fred Thomas and one part Ryan Howard. The two began playing together in Thomas' group Saturday Looks Good to Me, for their 2007 album "Fill Up the Room". Howard had previously been linked to other acts before performing with SLGTM, but for the past year or more has been working with Thomas releasing new material under the City Center name. What we are hearing here is more along the lines of His Name Is Alive (which Thomas briefly played bass in) more so than SLGTM. If we were talking Animal Collective, we might go so far as to say that this duo is Thomas' "Panda Bear". Take a listen to their tracks over at their myspace page; and if it's not too late then make a stop at Danger Danger Gallery (5013 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia PA) tonight for an all ages show with Controlled Storms, Clean Equations and on tour right now, Howard & Thomas' new group "City Center"--then we say GO. 

City Center - band site / myspace


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