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Spill! Mike Schulman from Slumberland Records!

Summer Cats - Songs for Tuesdays (Slumberland)


Released earlier this summer, Summer Cats debut Slumberland LP "Songs for Tuesdays" contains 13 tracks of chunky guitar, fuzzy (and of course 'summer-sounding') garage pop, and boy/girl vocals. The group, who call Melbourne, Australia home, trade off vocals throughout, lending the album a feeling of several fresh takes on three very different styles of writing. Three anthemic and upbeat tracks; "Let's Go", "Hey You", and "Super" hit a hi-stride leading the LP off with enough upbeat b.p.m.'s that they could jump start any pop kid's heart. We can't help but think of early '90s d.i.y. bedroom pop music made on your older sister's tape machine for these.

Comparisons to The Go-Betweens come easy in this case, with the vocals on "Fulton Girls" (Fell in love with the Fulton Girls/It's not hard to do...) especially catching us up in the "ah-boom boom boom" that accentuate its up-down-up-down riffing, and chorus back-up vocals. It's 'not hard' to imagine this as a Slumberland release due to similarities in the female vocal style making us immediately wonder where we've heard it before (and we have heard the lilt in the very similar vocal style of Sarah Shannon, and this thought brings it all home).

If you are picking up The Summer Cats recent LP on vinyl, the clear design of the platter comes splattered like a flower with pastels flecked throughout the clear vinyl, casting the label as the inner design, and no worries about playing it and sweating about a dropped needle because Slumberland includes download codes with all recently issued LPs!

Summer Cats - slumberland / myspace


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