Eye Candy #53: Kings of Leon at The Spectrum, 4/25/09
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Springsteen Calling


The Spectrum, Philadelphia's famous soon-to-be-obsolete arena, has seen a lot of activity this week.  Three major rock acts - two uber legendary - have made pitstops on their Spring tours to say goodbye to the venue that has seen it all in the last 42 years.  We have seen countless shows there over the years, and this week was no exception, starting with Kings of Leon and then Bruce Springsteen on the first night of two shows to pay homage to the venerable venue.  After Springsteen's second show came The Grateful Dead, and between all the sports action and these concerts, South Philly has seen a lot of action (did you hear that Bob Weir went to the North Star last night after playing the Spectrum and got on stage to jam for an hour? Yup, that really happened).  Getting back to Springsteen, The Boss played his usual super long show including his run of covers, which he's been doing on this tour.  The crowd brings signs requesting songs, and the E Street Band plays what they prefer in an effort not be stumped.  So on night #2, the fans were treated to The Clash's "London Calling", no stranger to the band (who of course is the greatest bar band in he world and is known for busting out searing covers at the drop of a hat).  Of course this isn't the first time Springsteen played "London Calling" live, the most memorable one being at the 2003 Grammy Awards along with Dave Grohl and Elvis Costello.  But there's something really great about the E Street Band playing it - especially with Little Steven - that connects with their love of punk rock and its message. And so even though Springsteen isn't the usual thing we cover here at Girl About Town, it's good to know that rock legends are inspired by the same stuff we are.

Thanks Clark, whoever you are!

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