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The King Blues - Let's Hang The Landlord


An important, vital, exciting and young act to grow out of South and East London's young punk scene these past two years has been the group The King Blues. The band, made up of rock n' rollers Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox, Jamie Jazz, and a member named 'Fruitbag' combine the folk, punk and political ethos of The Clash, The Pogues and Billy Bragg with the heady reggae-dub sound of forefather's such as King Tubby and Delroy Wilson to great effect. Their member-base tends to change according to availability, and has featured up to 8 musicians at times, but has mainly featured Johnny Rich (vocals and bass), Jim Parmley (percussion) and Gumby (drums) backing. Using a ukelele to augment and drive the unique sound of their songs along with two other guitars and chorus vocals, these three young Impressions pour their hearts and souls into a new age that follows the edict of using rock and roll to ring the alarm for their ideals: singing songs that represent their unique vision of social freedom, a people's government, cultural respect and response, and personal rights. Having played a great bulk of their performances to everywhere from street corners, illegal squats, festival crowds, and even to the backdrop sound of protesting for peace; the band are known for throwing themselves into the action that they are performing their very songs for--and singing loudly while doing so. Take a quick listen to the first finished track off of their second forthcoming album (to be released digitally worldwide in October of 2008). Words, not bombs--right?

Download This:
Let's Hang The Landlord by The King Blues

The King Blues - band site / field recordings / myspace


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I don't think I have ever heard a song like this lyrically. I would love to know whether it's a true story.

Hi Christopher,
It's all true: from Itch being out on his own at 13, to his moving into a squat with Spanish punks. A lot of living for someone so young. Hopefully we'll have an interview up with them soon... stay tuned and thanks for writing in!

I love these guys, anyone heard the remix of their new song? Hx

13? Thats sad. Its a great song though.

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